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BONUS Meditation to Celebrate the World Unite from Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey!

“One meditation can change the world.” Meditate it Forward, Pass it on!

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The Inner Smile Meditation (Smiling Meditation) harvests the healing powers perfected centuries ago by the Shaolin monks of China.  It takes us on a journey through our body to activate the Qi, our natural inner source of energy, the energy of life and love and healing.

The Qi is stored in our Tantien, inside our belly, just two fingers below the navel. As we activate our Qi, we also, in our mind's eye, smile to various parts of our body, a gentle smile, kind, full of love and compassion, to activate the physiology of the smile.

Inner Smile Meditation

Forgiveness MEDITATION

Visualisation MEDitation

- Living Nature

The Forgiveness Meditation is designed to help you deal with relationships that no longer serve you. It allows to cut emotional ties with people, either permanently to let those people go off to grow, to learn and evolve, or to reconnect with them in a new way, so you can see them a-new.

St Augustine once said "un-forgiveness is like drinking poison every day and expecting the other person to die".

The Forgiveness Meditation is an extraordinary process that you can use as often as you wish. Anytime you feel the need to cut the energetic ties with people, and wish to reconnect with them in a new way, or for the purpose of cutting the ties permanently, use the Forgiveness Meditation.

In this guided meditation inspired by Deepak Chopra, we are connecting with Nature.

Connecting with Nature is a wonderful way to witness the dance of the universe and to see ourselves as part of this magnificent symphony. This very special visualisation exercise takes us on a journey through Nature, enabling us to enter the silence through the wonderland that is Nature's rich and limitless bounty.

As we go into our meditation, we will consider the following centering thought: “I am an exquisite expression of Nature.”


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